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Liam Smith (L) in action with Liam Williams

Controversy surrounded the outcome of the first encounter between Liam Smith and Liam Williams with a cut leading to the early stoppage of the Welshman who up until that point was narrowly ahead on the judge’s scorecards.

Fight fans, as well as the fighters themselves, have since called for the rematch which promoter Frank Warren promises will happen in September.

“I’ve spoken to them, they both want it and it will happen in September,” Warren told Boxing News.

“That gives them plenty of time to recover from the cuts and injuries from the first fight, they both need to be 100 per cent for a rematch.”

Smith failed to make weight a day before the contest, being told wrongfully that he only had an hour to shed the weight, which he refused to do given the insufficient time restraints, however, the WBO rules state that the fighter has two hours to make weight which was not relayed to Smith until it was too late, meaning he couldn’t win the WBO title.

“I’m hoping, at worst, the rematch is for an interim world title,” Warren continued.

“Firstly at the weigh-in Smith was meant to have two hours but was only told he had one and then there was the cut that stopped it, so we’ll get it done again to see who the best man really is.”


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