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Bad luck continues to follow the career of Guillermo Rigondeaux (17-0, 11 KO) with the latest dose being the cancellation of his mandatory defence against challenger Moises Flores (25-0, 17 KO’s) which will now go to a purse bid on April 3rd. 

The fight was due to take place on the undercard of Miguel Cotto’s contest with James Kirkland until the latter pulled out due to injury, scrapping the card in the process.

Rigondeaux cuts a frustrating figure in his inability to secure top fights within the Super Bantamweight division, a mixture of contractual disputes as well as an unwillingness to co-operate from Television networks as left the world’s most talented fighter between a rock and a hard place. 

“It’s been a combination of factors that has led Rigo to the current situation where he’s not fighting as often as fans would like him to,” said Rigondeaux’s adviser Alex Bornote

“The top guys in the division fear him, the television networks don’t care about the lesser guys and we’re bound to this fight with Flores because it is a mandatory defense. It’s the perfect storm. ”

Rigondeaux sought a different path in order to change his fortunes, leading him to Wales in 2016, subsequently beating James Dickens before an announcement was made for him to face Flores in February, a change in momentum which gave Rigo fans hope in finally seeing their man at the top of his powers. 

It was of course too Good to be True, Kirkland as mentioned earlier pulled out of the contest which again left Rigondeaux without a stage to exhibit his craft

“After that, we got tired of waiting for some offer from Flores’ people who never came, that’s why we decided to go to the purse bid,” added Bornote. “Roc Nation, our co-promoter, has assured us that they are one hundred percent behind Rigo and ready for the purse bid.”

The WBC regulations state that the purse bid would have to start with a figure of $120,000 with 75 percent of the money for Rigondeaux and the remaining money for the challenger.

 “We have received offers from England, for example, but until we get through this entire situation with Flores there is little or nothing that we can do,” Bornote said.

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