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It’s the most lucrative contest in boxing, Middleweight king Gennady Golovkin and the man that holds the Middleweight Lineage Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, the fight which has the boxing community whipped up into a frenzy with talk of who would win?

Well, one man who had no hesitation in his prediction was former Pound 4 Pound King Floyd Mayweather Jr who without so much has a blink of an eye said “Canelo” beats “Triple G” easy, He’ll stop him. It don’t go the distance.”

Golovkin failed to impress with his stoppage victory over Kell Brook with suggestions that the Englishman was able to unlock the Kazakh with timing and accuracy, but not the much needed power.

“He’s a guy that’s straight up and down,” Mayweather added. “Good punching power but really no special effects. If [Brook], with decent boxing skills, exposed him, you guys already know what would have happened if that was me.” referring to earlier talk of the two sharing a ring.

Any such fight between Golovkin and Golden Boy Promotions most prized possession (Canelo) has so far been blocked by Oscar De La Hoya, maybe in a bid to let the fight further “marinate” which Mayweather himself agrees upon.

“If Canelo was my fighter, I wouldn’t let him fight Gennady Golovkin right now,” continued Mayweather. “I’m a promoter and I see the business side. You must build a fight. You must build a fight and build a fight.”


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